Service operations

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In between 1900 to 1950 concept of industrial society came into the picture. Each and every organization was concentrating towards increasing their production. Manufacturing maximum number of goods in small price was the industrial trend. In 1950 the economy observed a metamorphic change where services industry emerged as the main sector for American people. It was famously known as post industrial era. During this period, 50%-80% of American people were engaged within the services industry. Currently the trend is almost same. The sector is highly dominated by health, education entertainment industry. With the changing era organizations also have changed their criterions related with workforces. Theoretical reasoning, creativity and judgment have become more important than mere execution of plans. Previously numbers of manual workers were two times higher than white-collar person but since the post industrial era the situation has changed while now the scenario has reversed. Services industry generates maximum numbers of employment than any other sectors. Operation is the most important and generally the largest functionality of any service providing organization. Even in a university or in a financial firm there is also importance of operation because employees which are carrying out different services are the parts of operation. In simple words, operation is the inseparable backbone of any service organization. A manager of a top service organization has to depend upon the works of his workforces and without their operations providing services are impossible. Modern world has changed a lot. Increasing productivity and efficiency of the workforce is the need of the hour for different organizations in the world. Modern day service industry in US is highly competitive. Every organization is competing hard to provide good quality services to their customers. In this