Service learning paper (social problems)

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The organization offers training to families by giving them skills in developing the community so as to improve on self-sufficiency and reduce the rate of child abandonment. It is the largest childrens home in the world dealing with orphaned and abandoned children. It provides them with food, clothing, shelter, health services and education. The organization has family strengthening programs in different parts of the world including Mali. In Mali they have supported rural community of Kouloun, which is found in the southwestern part of Mali. Women in this community suffer from high levels of poverty, abandoning of children, high rates of malnutrition, infant mortality and school dropouts, especially among the girls. The organization has suffered from fraud in the charity they receive from donors and other well-wishers. A number of its top administrators have colluded with other influential politicians in stealing the funds from the organization. Due to this the organization has failed to fully implement its policies and goals. In this paper, am going to discuss the problems of fraud in the organization, poverty, and child abandonment.The organization, after conducting a sociological research, found that high rates of child abandonment were resulting from family breakups. The mother for instance, become overpowered by the childs economic and social needs, decides to abandon the child. In the research it was found that after family breakups, the father tends to care less about the children. The organization has put a lot of effort in helping the abandoned or orphaned children by helping their families before they are being abandoned. The organization has created Family Strengthening Programs that offer support to those families that are disadvantaged around the world (Dum 1-3). They have done this by engaging the families and the communities in order to assist