Service audit of a specialized sports and/ or recreational facility to evaluate the facility’s customer service

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I found out that a visitor in one of the guest rooms bordering the swimming pool was complaining a lot. He was raising concern that he had been awoken at night several times by the flashing lights outside. Upon investigation, the guest alleged that the lights served the swimming pool. Ideally, such disturbances compromise the services the facility offers its clients. At the end of the day, the service offered does not match the amount money paid for it.
From outside, it is easier for any person visiting the facility for the first time to describe the behaviours of workers as above average, but this is not the case. Based on the customer response and researches on the same, a good fraction of guests alluded that some of the workers they had come in contact with were not well behaved, or on some occasions they did not have people to assist them at all. For instance, the available information shows that, on one occasion, some guests had reported earlier than the usual time only to be rudely dealt with by the receptionist. The available information indicates that the person who received the call was extremely rude and prompted the guests to cancel the reservation. Still on the same, during the night that I slept over, the main drain of the swimming pool had not been cleaned. There was a waxy material around the main drain and on the floor tile. Even with this poor service, the hotel charged me $20 more than the usual amount.
Many clients visiting the facility seem to like it, but to some, the management needs to tighten up the nuts in order to raise the standards of service. For instance, the organization’s swimming pools backyard is not pleasant at all, and this seems to be supported by publicly available information on the same. First and foremost, the door to the facility opens to the outside, a thing that is not characteristic of recreational facilities. This organization predisposes the guests to disturbances and risk from outside the