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Seminar ReflectionTacoma is a city in Washington State on the banks of Puget Sound, south of Seattle. Tacoma Washington is one of the early cities in American that saw its rise rapidly utilizing trade. Tacoma Washington is one of the cities that rose back in the late century with the upcoming sale of candy in the area. The making of candy in Tacoma saw its rise due to its cool refrigerated climate where the weather was neither hot nor cold enough but a cool temperature for the candy sale and manufacturing. Tacoma Washington saw the rise associated with some of the most prominent party members that are associated with the town and its growth. Some of the factor that saw the increase of the city was the port harbor and railway line that saw the coming of goods in large numbers and traded in the city. Tacoma Washington is known as the candy land town due to the diverse chocolate factory success in the town since the coming of Cherry Perks and Russell t. Joy began their factory on Puget Sound works in Tacoma 1988; it gave rise to others to follow suit (Morgan & Sullivan, 2018).Tacoma Washington’s success was associated with many factors with its shaping to be where it is right now today. When Cherry Perks and Russell T. Joy opened, they’re very on first factory to follow suit. Wiegel Candy Company followed suit when they opened their own candy firm in 1889/1990 and later closed in 1937. Star diamond began as a retail company in 1898, run by John and associates and then bought by Wiegel (Dunkelberger, n.d.). The rise and fall if this mega-companies proved that the town had things that needed to get done, and thus they stipulated more laws and regulatory policies in the candy industries; one of the most successful companies in the wholesale and jobbing trade of trade. The wholesale company made Tacoma a lot of money with the buying and selling of goods and also with supplying the candy factory. The candy factory saw much support in the wholesale trade, making a massive increase in the candy sale; it git estimated that Tacoma made amounts of $26, 834,000 while transacting with the wholesale trade. Tacoma had the ideal climate that was favorable for working with sugar and chocolate that made it possible for the factory to get successfully established there. The rail lines and the shipping around the city made it possible for the city to be accessed quickly, and the goods came in large number as well. With the emergence of an early form of transport establishment located in the city the town grew in surplus (Tjossem, 2019). The city also made some business laws that made concession workaround theaters and other prominent operating business areas. The chocolate selling company was allowed to get opened next to business operating areas where the customer would access their fresh candies. Also in Tacoma women were allowed to work in factories associated with candy only. With the role of women in the candy factories the candy factories would gain a lot due to the availability of cheap labor and skilled workers at the same time. Tacoma also had a cast of members that saw the rise of candy selling some, which included Herman Bryer, who said that if a man buys cigar then his wife and kids have the right to buy candy, which broke the headlines and people sought follow the policy. Like many towns that were developing at that time, Tacoma Washington had a variety of ups and downs but through hardship of working together and strengthening the support of their business, the city multiplied in number faster.  ReferenceDunkelberger, B. S. (n.d.). The Sweet Smell of Tacoma’s Chocolatey Past. Retrieved from SouthSoundTalk:, M., & Sullivan, M. (2018). Puget’s Sound: a narrative of early Tacoma and the southern sound. Seattle: University of Washington Press.Tjossem, D. R. (2019). Tacoma. Charleston, South Carolina: Arcadia Publishing.