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Seminar ReflectionThe University of Tacoma Washington was first opened in a leased environment space in 1990 in perking buildings due to the high rise of the campus school where students could further their educational studies. After the establishment of evergreen state college Olympia in 1967, there was a growing need for higher education schools; thus, the board of education saw the need to meet this demand as an opportunity to help students and the resident of Tacoma. The board of education, however, saw a chance to open a campus school in Tacoma to meet the rise of community college transfer students and students who don’t have the means to afford to go to other states to get an education. The opening of Tacoma University was to mitigate time and space-bound for easier access by the locals in the area. The University of Washington Tacoma later opened in 1997(Tacoma, n.d). Once the school got opened, this brought relief to the residents of Tacoma and the relevant authority that saw the facilitation of the university. The commissioning of the university, however, brought a significant change to the shaping of Tacoma city. The town before Tacoma community students suffered a lot when they got commissioned to study ahead in higher education, especially those that had no money. With the growing number of residents all petitioning the need for a university school I the city brought people together ad realized a unique together. The board of education after meeting the demand from the people and investigating the situation, called for a meeting where the resident came together to decide where to build the campus. Coming together during the meeting was a symbolic meaning for the shaping of Tacoma since other the need for higher education, the public also advocated for other projects as well. Tacoma University provides numerous educational subjects. The board of education and residents revises the majority of the subjects that are taught as key to the growth of the area and the student as well in the shaping of their lives(Tacoma,n.d). The University of Tacoma provided an opportunity for those in need of education to comer and study with the opportunity to join the night class and the day class, thus part-time or full-term courses. This numerous education system time table helps the students figure out when they can attend their classes regarding when they are free. The University of Tacoma has shaped the town after the majority of the youth joined in the campus and left with excellent results, with some making a living for themselves and helping in reshaping the city (Grimley,2015). Some of the students that study at the school end up finishing and starting up a job back in Tacoma and help a resident with employments opportunities. Those studying for science and healthcare-related cases, however, have played a significant role in mitigating healthcare crisis and science-related issues. Families and friends were relieved when the school opened up the fact they can take the student to the university where they can be shaped to become better people in society. The opening of Tacoma University, however, employed the resident working at the university and make a living out of it. Not only did university opened the door to the local student, but neighboring states, however, started sending in their students also opening doors to diversity in Tacoma Washington.  The opening of the Tacoma Washington camps was symbolic of preserving the culture and historical significance by the founding fathers of Tacoma with the need to provide education to the people(Tacoma, 2004).ReferenceGrimley, B. (2015, August 22). 25 things to know as the University of Washington Tacoma turns 25. Retrieved from THE NEWS TRIBUNE:, U. o. (n.d.). University of Washington Tacoma. Retrieved from University of Washington/ Tacoma:, u. o. (n.d.). University of Washington Tacoma Courses. Retrieved from, U. o. (2004). University of Washington, Tacoma campus tour: a new university with over 100 years of history.Tacoma, Wash.: University of Washington Tacoma.