Self harm and suicide

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Self-Harm and Suicide Self-Harm and Suicide Self-harm and suicide leaves a lot of pain in the society when it happens. Suicide isa problem that is becoming a major issue worldwide. Everyday there is an individual who dies by suicide every sixteen minutes. Nurses are in close contact with the patients who commit self-harm and suicide and they therefore have a big role to play in prevention and intervention of suicide. In the clinical setting, the nurses come across several myths on suicide and self-harm. The myths are beliefs and attitudes that are associated with suicide and self-harm. These myths decrease the ability of nurses to reach out to the patients who are likely to commit suicide (Krysinska, 2010). One of the most common myths is that by asking a person on what their suicide thoughts are they are prompted to actually commit suicide. This myth can be handled through knowing the fact that when an individual is asked about their suicidal thoughts their sense of isolation is lowered and they feel cared for and that there is available help. Another common myth is that suicide and self-harm happen without warning. The nurses being aware that most individuals before committing suicide they are verbal about their distress and pain can handle this myth. In addition, the myth that suicide only happens to specific people is common. The nurses bearing in mind that anybody is capable of committing suicide can handle the myth. Finally, the myth that people who talk about suicide are just attention seekers is common. Nurses need to know that in most cases patients will try to communicate before they actually commit suicide (Krysinska, 2010). ReferencesKrysinska, E. (2010). Loss By Sucide: A Risk Factor for Suicidal Behavior. PsychosocialNursing and Mental Helath Services , 34-71.