Selection and Deployment of Human Resources

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Care should be taken to make these appraisal systems time-bound, reliable, factual and consistent across all outlets.
Certainly, it is appropriate to modify the current rating systems in some of the stores. As these stores have a geographic element ingrained in their structure to cater to geographic customer needs, customer satisfaction needs to find a pivotal place and scope in these rating systems. Besides, while taking into consideration some practical concerns like practicality and economic viability, the rating systems in these stores need to be made more frequent rather than being annual or semi-annual. The rating system also needs to be made consistent across most of the stores to assure their accuracy and reliability.
One primary performance measurement and determination criteria I would suggest to the management would be Job Result, focusing on the measurable results of the jobs performed by varied employees like sales volume, quality and quantity of work done, etc. I would also suggest rating employees in consonance with their job behavior, like the amount of consideration and patience shown with customers. These particular stores strongly need to have a strong customer satisfaction orientation.