Segmentation Targeting Positioning

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Targeting is another concept, which is related to the identification of the market segments that are likely to purchase or use the product or service of a company. If we talk about positioning, it is the marketing concept, which is related to the creation of product image in target market segments. “Positioning is what the customer believes about your product’s value, features, and benefits” (Jackson, 2007).
Article: ‘Marketing GNOME Part Two: Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning’
John Williams, who is the author of this article, focuses on the ideas of marketing segmentation along with the concepts of targeting and positioning. He believes that market segmentation means to recognize the diversity of a market and a company can get success in the market if it becomes successful in satisfying the customers by recognizing the needs and demands of each of the target markets. “The correct way is to segment the market on the basis of the differing desires” (Williams, 2006). He believes segmentation to be the key to the success of the marketing strategy. About targeting, the author believes that it is the process of targeting those market subdivisions where the demand for any specific product or service is high. The author’s stance regarding positioning is that it is the difference between a company’s product and the ongoing competition in the minds of the consumers. The article is a well-written document, which highlights different issues related to market segmentation, targeting, and positioning.