Seed germination

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On the other hand, the suit case is the coat of the seed which covers the seeds. Lunching represents the nutritive germinating seedling source. The food for a seedling which is germinating can be stored in a section of the embryo like the fleshy cotyledons of the seed. It could also assume the other categories including the endosperm that forms the special starch-rich storage tissue that covers the embryo. It may not be easy to classify a seed as being dead. Once it fail to germinate under proper conditions and having the dormancy mechanisms broken is when a seed can be classified as being dead. Different companies of seed mostly test the seed germination before they sell their seeds. The test results, the percentages of germination, are always indicated on the packet of the seed. Different crop seeds lose their viability fast after some years. In this case, some few long-lived seeds would be identifies. One example is the mustard seeds that display good germination in each fifty years. For any seed, the rate of germination is the basic indicator to the manner in which the seed will perform while in the field. The rate of germination can be expressed in the form of percentages. A ninety percent rate of germination from one hundred percent will germinate in the presence of good conditions of growth. The information on germination is vital in calculating the optimum rate of germinating together with assisting in determining whether some seeds have the ability of producing appropriate crops. In this study, we sought to ascertain the rates of germination at different phases of water intake.Results of this experiment indicate that during the process of germination, highest water intake occurs during the first phase. As shown in figure 01, between zero drops and 15 drops, water intake is highest. This is followed by a reduced water intake phase II and increased water intake in phase III. The results, as well shows that water intake by the germinating seed take a