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Study 2 on the other hand measures the level of up to how long it will take for drivers to leave if the level of intrusion and status of intruder will have to be manipulated. Study 3 documents the specific responses of individuals who parked at a mall would react to intruders. It is therefore clear that the research question that these three studies addressed is relevant to finding the evidence of territorial defense and how it is viewed in the case of drivers leaving a public space and the intruding drivers. 2. Technically, the research question is the same for the three studies as far as the exact thought of what the researchers would want to find out is concerned. In great detail, the researchers wished to see the picture of the entire information linked to territorial mentality of individuals particularly when it comes to the concept of space. For this reason, being consistent to use drivers as the common subjects of the three studies, gives us the insight that the proponents were able to obtain a general thought of answering a one specific research question for the entire research investigation that was subdivided under three studies. The three studies were able to adhere to finding how human behavior through territorial mentality of individuals may be highly associated with the concept of space. 3. …
The good thing about two of the studies is the inclusion of observation and actual experiment. The other one includes actual interview, which is a significant component of a qualitative research. In other words, the general phenomenon of interest in all of the studies is the actual inclusion of diversified methodological approach in obtaining particular data that could help solve the research question. 4. There were more than one methodologies used in the research studies in order to obtain the relevant information associated with answering the actual research question. This is methodological triangulation, by which the researchers were consistent in using due to the fact that at the end of every study, it would ensure answering their relevant research question. In other words, by being able to set the study with a particular research question to answer, the methodological triangulation conspires to create a path that will lead to finding the answer which is of great concern of the researchers. This means that even if there could be varying methodological approaches used, the ultimate concern would be to create actual input that will lead to finding answers set for the research question at the end of the study or actual research investigation. 5. I believe the study could be a perfect example of a qualitative research due to subjective judgment that may be employed by the researchers. Although there was an actual experiment conducted, the said activity would still require subjective judgment as far as gathering and documenting of data and information are concerned. In addition, the actual interview is a form of qualitative approach because the actual response could not be translated