Security Standards Policies and Procedures Manual

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Cyber security engineers are responsible for safeguarding computer networks and systems in an organization in order to protect the sensitive data they store.Take on the role of Cyber Security Engineer for the organization you chose in Week 1.Developa 5- to 6-page manual using theSecurity Standards, Policies, and Procedures Template, with recommendations to management of security standards, policies, and procedures that should be implemented in your chosen organization.Researchand include the following: Explain the importance to your organization of implementing security policies, plans, and procedures. Discuss how security policies, plans, and procedures will improve the overall security of the organization. Recommend appropriate policies and procedures for: Data privacy Data isolation NDA IP Protection Passwords Acceptable use of organizational assets and data Employee policies(separation of duties/training) Risk response Avoidance Transference Mitigation Acceptance Complianceexamples that might affect your organization or others [Regulatory, Advisory, Informative] HIPPA FERPA ISO NIST SEC Sarbanes/Oxley Incident response Preparation Identification Containment Eradication Recovery Lessons learned Auditing Environmental/Physical Administrative Configuration17/05/202015computerscience