Security assignment IT

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information should retain its integrity both with time as well as user at that particular instance of time.Exposure to corruption, un-monitored changes and destructions disrupt the information to a corrupted or unauthentic state. Information can be corrupted while compilation or storage but in most of the cases it happens while transmission.Availability of information is that it is available for all the users at all the times, so that it can be reached by everyone and is received in an integral form. It also takes into context the positive as well as negative users of the information.This characteristic of information makes the information usability possible only for the purposes known to the data owner. Information is not protected from observation, it can be seen by everyone but it is usable only in the ways known to the author.Information systems have a basic characteristic of identification of the information requester. A system has this characteristic when it can identify the individual user while user sends the request for the information.When the process of identification and authentication is completed, it is checked that the requesting user has the authorization to the requested context and has been provided the authorization permissions from the proper authority.As if information is not confidential, a lot of important business decisions can leak from the strategic departments of the organization, which gives an organization’s strategic information to the competition, which is hazardous to any organization for its financial as well as strategic pursuits.Privacy, authentication and authorization are to make sure the integrity, availability and security of the system. In the lack of these characteristics, information is just a collection of content, which no one knows how to access and anyone can access it without any permissions taken from the owner of the