Secret Sex The Ultimate Form of Intimacy Or

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We can define schemas as a structured, generalized knowledge about occasions that we construct on the bases of our past experiences. Media, in particular using TV Shows, movies and realities build up the storyline on what happened in the previous show or episode. This creates increasing interest in the audience, who is waiting to see the next piece to fill and match their own schemas of what might happen.&nbsp.
Carrie is being taken a promotional photo session for her column and meanwhile keeps, the dress from it. Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha had all stopped by in Carrie’s apartment to say some encouraging words before her first official date with Mr.Big. The four of them talk about sex on a first date, serious relationships, emotional involvement and hurt feelings. In their attempts to restrain themselves Carrie and Big eventually end up spending the night together. The episode revolves around secret sex – meaning sex on a first date and how people keep secret relationships because they are ashamed to introduce the partner to their close friends. It is difficult to classify what genre is "Sex and the City". Some may describe it as drama, others as comedy, however, it is considered to be a sitcom – a genre of comedy. For me, each episode of "Sex and the City" shares something from the different genres and types of shows. The length of the episodes varies from 20 to 24 minutes, so the series fall into the category of 22 minute shows.
People’s idea about a sitcom is quite consistent with "Sex and the City". It is so because the series have a dominant narrative form, recurring characters and common environment. The title suggests that what audience expects, is situations and themes to refer to sex in the big city. Sitcoms are funny, because they defy people’s expectations and in the case of the "Sex and the City" challenge the taboo sexual topics making the audience see sex from its different perspectives. In this sense, the show’s story is consistent with the viewer’s schemas about a sitcom.&nbsp.&nbsp.