Second Lives by Daniel Alarcn

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A Family is crucial in the understanding of Second Lives aspect. This is because it is the one that identifies a person wholesomely. It gives a sense of belonging to a person. it defines the genetic make-up, the personality, spiritual affiliation, and the behavioral pattern of a person. Indeed, it is the family that traces relationships between different individuals. Therefore, reference should be given to the family when a person is starting his or her own family regardless of the hardships encountered making this consideration. Indeed, some people adopt the family names which show the ties of a family unit though others replace their family names with different names to mark the start of new life and a new family. This psychologically prepares a person to undertake new activities and ventures that pertain to the welfare of his or her own family (Eggers, 21). It is worth noting that some aspects of the original family are incorporated into the new family setting. This happens in order to have continuity in the cultural values of a given society. Attitude plays a major role for a person to manage to abandon his or her own family in a bid to concentrate in bringing-up anew family. This revolution is subject to many variables like time and the dependency of a person in his or her own family. … The other way people start second lives is through promiscuity whereby a husband abandons his wife and finds a new wife (Eggers, 21). The husband is compelled to return to his former wife because of the compassion and love he as has for children sired with her yet he has to be committed with the second wife. The husband develops new patterns of behavior acquired while he leaves with the second wife. Second lives aspect is controversial. For instance, in this story of Daniel Alarcon, it is not an absolute truth that Frank wasted his life in adopting a new culture and undertaking new tasks. In fact, Nelson’s story is narrated in when his brother is not present (Eggers, 97). Nelson is not happy with his brother because he believes his brother wasted himself in America, which affected the whole family. This is a recipe for wrangles within the original family. However, his brother is comfortable with his life in America (Eggers, 97). Nelson is pre-occupied by his brother’s absence partly because of his anxiety to get to America given that life over there is different. Nelson’s parents were in Baltimore on a visa. His father studied in given school, and his mother worked as a health care expert. They were well endowed with wealth hence they managed to have their son Francisco with them. War broke out back in their home country hence their visa was not renewed. This forced them to return to their cradle country. This is the reason why their second born son was never born in America (Eggers, 39).