Search engine industry

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Hence, might create rivalry shift due to intense rivalry and technological advances.Established or major competitors with strong product differentiation and backing like MSN, Yahoo, AOL/Netscape are already on board in this competition. Hence, it will alert potential newcomers to size up and determine if they can match these companies in terms of capital requirements and experience.This market size is just a fraction of the bigger industry if other leading internet companies like and Ebay are included in the analysis. Hence, the US$ 11.8 billion size can be considered as the floor or minimumThe intense competition, however, demands more improvements and more developments with shorter life cycles. This can significantly erode the profitability of the firm for companies like Google must allocate big resources in research and innovation in order to capture the general market.Convergence is the significant factor in the changing search engine industry. Providing highly relevant search results will no longer be the best talking points. In the long run, it will be considered as standard in the industry. The emerging challenge is how to lump different services around the search engine.Case in point: MSN to incorporate search capabilities to MSN Encarta, MS Outlook, and Internet Explore. Another, Google is integrating other systems like Froogle, Gmail, and Blogger under the blanket search engine.
The idea is to be a one-stop shop that will cater to majority of internet users. It means that one need to go to Google to make some