Screenplay on the Graveyard

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In the living room, LI sits at the laid table. The old lady dressed in a fuchsia plush robe pours tea into his cup.What a pickle! After all, these years of prompt and diligent taxpaying, medicine played such a dirty trick on me. But God has taken thought of me better than all those mean bastards in white coats and send you, sonny, to save me. I’m not going to turn you to cops, but you must promise not to wade into those dirty waters anymore.Oh, don’t sweat the small stuff! By the way, my son Steven could help you, I’ll talk to him. He has leverage in that Hollywood society. And remember, don’t ever mess with chancers like Harry. Enough miraculous resurrections for you.A budget restaurant of Chinese cuisine. Lunchtime. Here and there, clients entertain themselves with conversation while waiting for orders. LI sits at the table, gorging noodles and talking on the phone at the same time.Yeah, mom, Mrs. Nutter has turned to be a jewel of a woman! Helped me a lot with the job… Yeah, I know, it’s just a stand-in job for now, but it will give an opportunity to make acquaintances and move forward in the cinema business, you know.Meanwhile, a middle-aged waitress comes to the near-by table and start discussing something with the client, a young woman of no more than thirty, dressed in elegant neat clothes and displaying gracious manners. The woman is rummaging in her bag, obviously, trying to find something, yet failing. The conversation is starting to turn to caps lock voices.Here, take it. You may keep the change – buy yourself a bubble wrap roll. And, please, when you yell at somebody for the next time, don’t open your mouth that wide – I’m afraid you’ll devour the Earth like a black hole.The filming set in front of an old two-story building somewhere in New York. Numerous extra players wander around the set, an assistant director runs rampant among them, giving instructions. The DIRECTOR sits in his chair, trying to control the process and yelling every now and then. The atmosphere of commotion.