Schools Should Be More Involved with Childhood Obesity

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Moreover, it is likely that overweight children eventually develop into obese adults, who are faced with numerous problems associated with excess weight such as high blood pressure, heart diseases, respiratory problems, and many such complications. In order to save children from problems of obesity, it is important for schools to be more involved with childhood obesity. This essay is a critical discussion of the methods through which schools can assist kids in loose weight. Physical education has been highlighted as one of the significant techniques for facilitating weight loss. Other methods such as controlled lunch programs and classes that teach proper nutrition and body health have been discussed.Physical education is significant in helping the children in schools to become physically active which helps them to burn excess calories in the body. It helps in increasing the amount of energy used thereby helping in weight loss. The benefits associated with physical education are wide-ranging. These are mainly health benefits such as improvement of the blood pressure as well as the fat deposits. It is usually beneficial to children especially when it creates enthusiasm through activities such as playing (ERIC Digest 1990). Competitive sporting activities are also significant in reducing weight but they are not the only way towards the achievement of weight loss in kids. They may even discourage some kids from participating due to the embarrassment caused by losing in competitions.Teachers of physical education can be useful in developing physical education plans that kids can not. Weight loss is achieved when the kids participate in physical activities progressively with the teacher’s guidance. The more enthusiastic they are the higher the achievements in terms of weight loss. The most significant role that schools play in providing an avenue for guided physical activities. This is due to the fact that parents may not have enough time for taking their kids on weight lossexercises due to limited time (American Obesity Association 2002). They may not possess the desired knowledge that is important in determining how to approach the issue of physical education.