Schools of Thoughts in International Relation Theory

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While talking about realism, we must also talk about that kind of an issue which can be appropriately explained by the realism school of thought. The issue which we are talking about is the Iranian nuclear programme. Let’s discuss the issue of the Iranian nuclear programme in detail while keeping in mind the aspect of realism.
Iran has started to work on the nuclear programme in the 1950s by saying that its basic purpose will be to overcome the shortage of electricity and atoms for peace programme. In the start of this nuclear programme, the United States of America also provided great help to Iran for the purpose of being a part of atoms for peace programme. That support, appreciation, and motivation were not only from the United States of America but also from another western world. It lasted till the Iranian revolution in 1979.
After 1979, the Iranian government started to work on the nuclear programme with less support and assistance in the western world. Several misconceptions began to arise due to this act of the Iranian government regarding the nuclear programme. But it is to be kept in the notice that strengthening the power is the main focus of any government according to the school of thought of realism. So, if the Iranian government started to work on the nuclear programme for the purpose of increasing its nuclear power, then it is the right of the government. But here we should also say that every government, not only Iranian government, should allow the authority of united nations to inspect whether the work which is being done in the name of electricity purposes is actually being done for the same purpose or it has some other objectives also. Before going into the details of the new dossier related to Iranian nuclear programme, let’s first get to know the point of views of the Iranian government, Israel and the United States of America regarding Iranian nuclear programme.