School System Established by the Canadian Government and Managed by Churches

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The children at residential schools faced severe punishment in case they violated the stringent rules and regulations. Thus, the schools were centers of torture as confessed by former students of residential schools. These students confess of the horrendous abuse by the school staff with such abuses including sexual, psychological, and physical. The schools also offered inferior education to aboriginal students whereby such students only reached grade five (Fontaine 45). Grade five only provided students with the skills and experience of performing only manual labor in the sectors of agriculture, as well as light industry. Thus, kids from the residential schools only worked as agricultural laborers as well as workers in light industries dealing in woodworking as well as domestic work including work, sewing, and laundry.
The invasion and settlement of European settlers within Canada brought with them the devilish thought of the school. The settlers considered that their civilization as the pinnacle of humankind achievement. It is due to that misinformed perception that forced them to interpret the socio-cultural differences between their culture and that of the Aborigines and consider the latter as savage, ignorant and children like who need guidance (Canada 5). Thus, they felt that the Aboriginal culture and lifestyle is naïve and childlike and thus must be shown the direction in order to fit properly in Canadian society. Therefore, they felt an obligation and duty to civilize the Aborigines by offering them education, which constituted a federal responsibility in ending such ignorance within the Aborigines.
The then Canadian Prime Minister Sir John Macdonald requested journalist and politician known as Nicholas Davin to examine the industrial schools meant for the Aboriginal kids within the U.S. Later, Davin recommended that Canada should emulate the U.S system of aggressivecivilization (Fournier amp. Ernie 31). This led to funding and establishment of the residential school system. The establishment of the schools was enhanced by the belief that if anything was conducted or performed to the Indians. it had to start with the young individuals.