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The three dimensions of management are summarized to be technical, conceptual and important for the managers to evolve meaningful solutions and techniques for resolution of complex management problems, by employing innovative technological solutions that provide answers to problems people and organizations are having. For achieving management success, it is important to understand the extent of involvement of human resources needed for the deployment of these resources. COMPANY AND HENRI PRINCIPLES Samsung International has applied the principles of Henri Fayol, the father of management. The Samsung International has split the workforce into certain segments and has achieved better production and quality work input. The practice of division of work has provided the employer with an opportunity of maximizing employee efforts. It is applicable to all work including research and technical applications. There are limitations to specialization which are determined has been determined by the application. The company has stressed the importance and role of the authority, and therefore the authority has the rights to give orders and the power to exact obedience. Samsung International has made a clear distinction between a manager’s official authority deriving from office and personal authority created through individual personality, intelligence, and experience. The company has introduced certain rules and regulations to ensure that there exist obedience and respect between the firm and its employees.