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Group AssignmentStudents name: Shima Salim AL Kharusi 18F18540Ruwa Al Juland Al Azri 18F17846Afaf Zayed Al Balushi 18F18163Abeer Obied ALHajri 18F18099Fatma Ahmed AL Mushaifri 18F18092Section: ASubmitted to: AsadullahSubmission: week 10              Content Table: IS:P Task Page Number 1 Introduction 3 2 Calculations 4-5 3 SWOT analysis 6-7 4 Conclusion 9 5 Reference 10 IntroductionFARAMIL S.A.O.G is a company that produces mechanical parts in Uber (Oman). The company have received many orders regarding front brakes for brand new trucks that will be launched soon. There are two types of brakes which FARAMIL Company must manufacture daily. The first type is for the right front wheels which corresponds 600 to part code PS3476FRT543789DR and another 600 for the left front wheels to part code PS3476FRT543789IZ as the weight for each brake is 14.5 kgs. The company’s (FARAMIL) duty is to supply the products to Uber in Oman every day except on Fridays as is contracted for a year, which means 249 deliveries in a year. The products are stuffed in recyclable parallelepiped plastic boxes attached to the integral. The dimensions of the box are 30x40x25 cm as every box can carry a full set of the brake supplies. For the work to be easy in logistics and sales, the boxes must be separated into two colors, yellow on the left and orange on the right of the pallet. The boxes will be piled on wooden pallets which are measured in 120x80x15 cm with a weight of 10 kgs. Between the boxes, a thick sheet (6mm) made out of plywood (120cm x 80 cm x 0.6 cm thick) is been stacked in layers to make it safe for the boxes. When the pallets are completely full, it gets wrapped. The height of a pallet is 150 cm.But FARAMIL Company has a problem with the contract, it cannot complete all the work in Uber, Oman due to the lack of expertise so it must ask a different Company to help in the treatment needed for the brakes.In another hand, MEDIBRAKE Company which is located in Medina, Saudi Arabia has the ability to apply the treatment. Both companies have an agreement that was made to deliver the required amount of orders every day to the factory for the treatments, they get shifted back two days after so they get stuffed again in the usual situation when it first delivered.For this operation to be done, the logistics manager of FARAMIL has contacted several groups including The Sailing Express. The group’s work here is to help out the manager in the process of transportation by choosing the best method.CalculationsGiven: Number of brakes to be transport 600 Left brakes (yellow) 600 Right brakes (orange) Weight of each brakes= 145 Kg (weight of one brake)Waking days (Saturday to Thursday) =6 days a weekNumber of deliveries= 249 (maximum)Dimension of box= 30*40*25cm Dimension of pallets= 120*80*15cmNumber of boxes that can be put on pallet: 120*30/30*40= 9600/1200= 8Maximum height of the pallet with 1 cm= 10mm Boxes+ pallets+ sheets = 150cm= 1500mm150 cm= 150cm*10= 1500mmHeight of pallet 15cm= 150mmLength of pallet 120cm= 1200mmWidth of pallet 80cm= 800mmThickness of sheet 0.6cm= 6mmHeight of boxes+ sheet250mm- 6mm= 256mmHeight of boxes + sheets = maximum height – height of pallets = 1500mm-150mm=1350mmHeight of one box + sheet = 250mm+6mm=256mmNo. of layers to be on pallets = 130/256 = 5.27 = 5 layers No. of boxes that can be stacked/put = 8*5 = 40 boxesCalculation of number of pallets1. 40’ containers L= 11998 mm = 12000mm (approx.)W= 2350mm = 2000mm (approx.)     Width of pallet: 800mm     Length of pallet: 120mm
No. of pallets that can be put inside 40’ container= 12000*2000/1200*800 = 25 pallets2. 40’ PWL= 11998 mm = 12000 mmW= 2490mm = 2500mm Width of pallet: 800mm Length of pallet: 1200mm= 12000*2500/1200*800 = 125/4 = 31.2530 pallets (40*30) = 12003. for 20’ PW = 15 pArea of the 20 PW = L*W = 5867*2350 = 12878450Number of pallets/20 PW = 12878450/ 9640000= 15p4. Semi-trailer = 0.9 per day  Area of the semi-trailer= L* W 13467* 2440= 32859480Area of the pallet= 960000Number of pallets/ semi-trails= 32859480/ 960000= 33.75p5. 20ft containers= 25* 40= 10001200/1000=1.2 containersFor 40 PW containers=1containersSemi trails=0.8 nnSWOT analysisSWOT analysis is a crucial planning method used to help an individual or group to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats linked to business competition or project planning.Strengths: are set points of internal positive for the companies. For instance, operations successful commercial, assets in knowledge, education, network and skills, asset material such as equipment and technology.  Weaknesses: the negative factors which reduces your point’s strength. There are several of the stuff that improved to be able. For example, you need to improve the mark commercial, asset tangible such as money and equipment and the success of idea location. Opportunities: areexternal factors in the environment work which are contribute to the success of the work. For example, development business and changes to come to regulations that affect the company positively. Threats: are external factors that cannot be controlled. Develop contingency plans to deal with them if they occur. For instance, potential competitors entering the market, if suppliers can always supply raw materials at favorable prices to all, if future developments in technology change work ,the impact of negative consumer behavior can change and market trends that can become a threat. Airline transport Strength – Fastest mean of transport. – More safe, less robbery. weakness -More expensive Opportunity – Raise the awareness of the importance of air transport. – Improve the development of airplane manufacturing. Threat -Fluctuation of weather conditions. -Accidents. -Short sea transport. Road transport Strength -Can carry loads of products. -The cheapest. weakness – Slow. – Not safe, chances of robbery. -Air pollution. Opportunity – Raise transport services demands. Threat -High insurance costs. – Can be delayed in licensing the buses and can get violations due to lack of maintenance. Sea transport Strength – Each Ship is specialized to transport certain products. – The ability to transport high load capacity. – Fast, by using modern technology that helps in speed. – Cheapest among others. weakness – Depends on sea current. – Short sea transportation takes more time compared to other means. Opportunity – More opportunities to work in ports and ships. – Development of ships manufacturing. Threat -Weather threats. – Chances of pirates. – Can cause strikes in ports due to delivery lateness. Airline1. RMO 375+ OMR 140+ OMR 205.301= OMR 720.301 for single trip (LD4 Container).For 1 roundtrip of (LD4 Container):  OMR 720.301 *2= OMR 1440.602.2. (LD- 11 Container): OMR 500+OMR 140+ OMR 720.301= OMR 1360.301 for single trip.1360.301* 2= 2720.602 (LD-11Container) for 1 roundtrip.Short sea transport1. (40ft container) for single trip 390+ 350+ 20=OMR 760390+ 350+ 9.228=OMR 749.228 for single trip (40ft container)  (390* 2)+ (350* 2) + (20+9.228)780+ 700+ 29.228= OMR 1509.228 for 1 roundtrip2. Semi-trailer 410+ 370+20= OMR 800410+370+9.228= OMR 789.228 for single trip(410* 2)+ (370* 2) + (20+ 9.228)=820+ 740+ 29.228= OMR 1589.228 for 1 roundtripRoad transport1. (0.44 OMR * 2552 Km) + (200 OMR + 0.60 OMR +0.441)= 1323.921 OMR for 1 single trip.2. (1323.921 OMR) * 2 = 2647.842 OMR for 1 roundtrip. The sailing express group have chosen to transport the brakes using short sea transportation. Many people prefer using it because it’s reliable, safe which means chances of robberies are less. It has perfect capacity and flexibility to hold loads of goods. It also reduces road traffics, and the drivers can have some comfort time and rest if they felt tiered. Plus, it costs less than other means of transportation. The distance for travelling by short sea is 1300Nm with speed of 12 km/h but the containers acceptation time has to be before 6 hours. Adding to that, there is daily transportation service by a ferry from Salalah port to Jeddah, then it can be delivered by road to Medina. There are three types of containers to transfer the products by, 20ft container, 40ft container and a semi-trailer. If the container delivers an IMO item, the cost will be higher. If FARAMIL uses a 40ftcontainer to deliver, it has to pay 350, and extra 29 OMR to load and unload the containers.Since the cost in Oman is 20 OMR, and in Jeddah they have to pay 9 OMR to the port. (9+20=29). DESTEP analysis helps to identify the external factors that affects the work inside the companyConclusion In conclusion, the sailing express group assisted the Logistics Manager in the transportation of the brakes from where they’ve been manufactured (Uber, Oman) to the treatment process in Medina (Saudi Arabia) since they’re capable of the treatment. This company is called MADIBRAKE.The sailing express have done many calculations to clarify and know the best and easiest way to help the logistics manager of FARAMIL to take the brakes to Saudi Arabia and return them back to Oman. The group came up with the solution of transferring yellow boxes and orange boxes. To make the process easy in the field of logistics and sales, the boxes have been divided. The boxes were put on pallets after performing many calculations to find out the capacity of each boxes as well as the pallets. Then SWOT system was used to help in knowing the best transportation method (air, land, and road) in terms of Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats. The sailing express have chosen the short sea for transportation, it costs less than the rest as well as it can deliver loads of goods that can make the process of delivering faster in a specific time. It is safer compared to other forms of transport and preferred by many.Reference (N. d). 2019. Sea transportation [Online]. Available from << [6 April 2019] (N. d). 2018. What is transforming transport [Online]? Available from<<[ 10 April 2019](N. d). 2011. Different types of transport [Online]. Available from<< [ 23 April 2019]