Sales Promotional Campaign of Turkish Airlines

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The main purpose of sales promotion is to stimulate consumers’ interest in developing a long-term business relationship with the airline company. (Kotler, 2000: p. 598) As a result of providing the general public with free management-advisory service with regards to the products and services offered by Turkish Airlines, sales managers are expected to develop sales promotional strategies that could attract new customers and/or frequent brand switchers. In most cases, this can be done by offering the public a low price yet high-quality services. As soon as sales managers are able to capture a portion of its target market, managers should be able to satisfy the customers’ individual needs to increase the loyalty of its customers.
For Turkish Airlines to be able to develop and implement effective sales promotional activities, sales managers should carefully identify its target market and target audience for each sales promotional campaign.
Even though the target markets of Turkish Airlines are local and international travelers, a large portion of its sales has been reported to be coming from the local citizens of Turkey. (Ogutcu, 1998) For this reason, the company should also focus on reaching the international markets to enable the company to increase its global market shares.
Since December 2006, Turkish Airlines declared to offer a one-month special destination sales promotional campaign at €111 on economy class and €333 on the business class each month. By publicly announcing special destination promo throughout the entire month, Turkish Airlines was able to effectively capture the interests of the local citizens and foreigners who are planning to visit their loved ones not only during the Christmas holidays. Since the 111 of the Month campaign enabled thousands of passengers to enjoy the quality service rendered by Turkish Airlines at a very reasonable market price, the company was able to significantly increase the number of its loyal passengers over time. Likewise, Turkish Airlines also conducted sales promo on airline fares from Bahrain to Istanbul and Europe back in September 2007. Aiming to capture a market segment of individuals with the teaching profession, the company shows its gratitude with teachers on Teachers Day.