Sales and Marketing Tourism Report

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There are decorations in the Edwardian style: chandeliers, specially commissioned hand- painted woodcarvings and furnishing, rich fabric, Persian state of the art rugs, sophisticated designer furniture and brass – railed quality staircases (Kerin, 2006). There is awesome comfort in the 459 rooms. The rooms are divided into 294 pleasurable standard rooms, 17 luxury suites, 101 fantastic deluxe rooms, and 47 classic single rooms. It won’t go unmentioned that Radisson Edwardian Heathrow has received awards as its Henley’s AA Rosette serves the modern British cuisines with high quality native ingredients and Brasserie cafe that offers a more informal choice of drinks and food alike. For instance, on March 25 – 27, 2005 Radisson Edwardian Hotel hosted a Dawn of the Dead convention. Similarly, on March 21 – 24, 2008 a Science Fiction Easter Convention was hosted in the hotel (Bodenberg, 2002). In the analysis of the macro environment of Edwardian Heathrow hotel, its essential for the identification of factors that may in the event have an influence on a number of variables that may affect the company’s demand and supply levels and the associated costs(Bodenberg, 2002). The PESTLE analysis is among the checklist that is a mere framework categorizing the environmental influences as political, economic, social, technological and legal forces. The analysis examines the impacts of each factors and their interplay on business in effect to Edwardian Heathrow hotel. Pestle analysis is the strategic tool for an in depth comprehension of decline and growth, the position of business, potential and operations directions. This outcome can be used to take advantage of opportunities and structure contingency plans for presumed threats when designing the business and strategic plans ( Kotler Makens, 2006). To start with, we shall take an analysis of the political environment. The elections of the country in England take place in the stipulated duration and have an added advantage to Edwardian Heathrow hotel. The law on employment stipulates on the human resource policies on workers remuneration and terms of employment. For instance, workers at the Edwardian Heathrow hotel have their pay on time though they work tirelessly to the satisfaction of the customer needs. There is great protection of the consumer by our company to ensure that he is not exploited in terms of price and services offered to requisite standards. The environmental regulations of the country are followed to the latter like, air and water non-pollution. The company has ensured that there is safe collection, storage and treatment of its waste (Oeklers, 2007). The industry specific regulations in the country relating to the management and operations of hotels are strictly adhered to by Edwardian Heathrow hotel. This is the reason for the many expansions that have beesn made by the company. The company conducts sophisticated checks and advanced investigations on its customers for efficiency to combat the fight on terrorism and warfare. In addition, there is a frequent check in the premises of the company for drug and substance abuse. The political trend in England of the king and queen has also positively ensured that services for them are always available. Secondly, the economic situation in terms of the economic growth trend is analyzed. The taxation system in the country is not to the detriment of Edwardian Heathro