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First, Monica’s outstanding obedience to her husband influenced Augustines conversion. Second, Monica introduced her son to Ambrose, who would later baptize him. Finally, Monica compelled and encouraged Augustine to attend school that shaped his life and would culminate in him becoming a priest.Monica played a significant role in the conversion of Patricius (Augustine’s father) and Augustine. Initially, both Patricius and Augustine were not believing in Christ but finally were saved through the influence of Monica. Monica prayed to God on behalf of her husband’s soul and Augustine. Augustine recounted that Monica, With a pure heart and faith in you she even more lovingly travailed in labor for my eternal salvation.1 This follows that Monica vowed not to stop at nothing but to see a Catholic Christian Augustine. The mother took time praying and laboring while serving the Lord so as to send grace upon his son and get saved. Augustine wonders how his parents lived harmoniously with each other. Monica was a God fearing individual and served her husband as her lord with care to her children. Her virtuous traits bear witness to the Christian life, which make a strong impression on Augustine. She significantly inspires Augustine to grow as a God fearing individual ultimately leading to his Christian conversion.My physical mother was distraught. With a pure hear and faith in you she even more lovingly travailed in labor for my eternal salvation. She hastily made arrangements for me to be initiated and washed in the sacraments of salvation, confessing you, Lord Jesus, for remission of sins. But suddenly I recovered. My cleansing was deferred on the assumption that, if I lived, I would be sure to soil myself. and after that solemn washing the quilt would be greater and more dangerous if then defiled myself with sins2.From the block quote above, we further realize how Monica was determined to ensure his son did not die a sinner.