Safety Plan

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The manager should give details about the operation parameters and design of the air-conditioning system, heating, ventilating in the warehouse. The manager ought to identify the source and quantity of fresh air delivered to each occupant in the breathing zone. The employer should also disclose if there has been any recent renovation of the warehouse that could be a source of impurities or contaminants. The renovation process could comprise of painting, pesticide application, and HVAC system disinfection and ventilation system. Also, the manager should make known of any recent alteration might have taken place in the warehouse such as installation of partitions, repositioning of air intakes or relocation of exhausts. In an interview, both the employer and manager should give all the possible information that will assist to identify the origin of the problem (health, 2013).
All workers of the warehouse should be interviewed to give their complaints and disclose the nature of illnesses. They should reveal all the symptoms they are experiencing and tell if the symptoms clear up after leaving the warehouse. They should explain on the occurrence and frequency of the symptoms. The ailing workers should tell whether there is any particular area or event that could have triggered the symptoms. Besides they should disclose of any rendered medical care. In additional, the workers need to reveal their characteristics such as allergies, disabilities, smoking and pre-existing illnesses.
In regard to information obtained from the manager and employees, the conduction of walk-around inspection will help a lot to verify this information. It is paramount to note that inadequate ventilation is the major cause of indoor air quality problems. Therefore, the walk-around inspection should be used to examine the ventilation systems. In this respect, the investigation