Running a SelfOwned Business

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However, running a self-owned business is much better than being employed by someone and working all day. When running a sole trading firm, the business owner has his own freedom, and he/she is not required to subordinate to anyone or act according to the directions of others. I was stunned when my friend Hussain revealed his decision to start a new business venture because I could not even imagine the risks associated with running a self-owned business today. Being a graduate in HR management, I was happy to work for a reputed MNC then, because such a career choice would assist me to enjoy the benefits of risk-free earning. I realized Hussain’s decision was right when we celebrated his 3rd store opening yesterday, exactly after two and half years of the business establishment, at Grand Avenue Hotel.
Graduated from a reputed university, both Hussain and I were at the point of finding a job. As I was eager to start earning money, I soon joined a reputed MNC and began my career as an HR assistant. However, Hussain was very innovative and energetic, and therefore he was unwilling to restrict his potentials into the four walls of the office cabin. Although I often insisted him that he should join a company, he was very determined to start something his own, and hence he remained unemployed for more than a year. During this period, he was in continuous search for innovative and potential business ideas and he spent many hours on building social networks and slept only a few hours a day.
Once he told me. If you die as a reputed employee, your fame would eventually decline. But if you die as a reputed businessman, your business establishments would be there to keep you remembered for many decades to come.
Hussain was really aware of the growing concerns over environmental pollution and he recognized the significance of promoting a sustainable business model.