Royal Pacific Brand Culture

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Mr. Décor focused on providing aristocraty with exclusive custom jewelry services. Moreover, in Paris, France, the Avenue des Champs Elysees, and La Colonne Vendome &amp. Place Vendome. and Fifth Avenue New York, Los Angeles. Rodeo Drive Street. and San Francisco Market Avenue opened several exclusive custom jewelry shops, and named after Mr. Swire a "Royal Décor" jewelry brand.

Following China’s accession to the WTO, Royal Décor speeded up it is marketing in the Asia-Pacific region, especially with the expansion of the Chinese mainland market. Currently, they have 63 Royal Décor jewelry shops.

In 1857, the younger Mr. Décor manufacturers shifted from being scepter to sword and jewelry manufacturers, to focus on the provision of jewelry for the nobility. They provided exclusive customized services for the aristocracy.

Intentions: To work hard. treat customers sincerely. provide the best service. be an attentive listener, and exude sincerity. show hospitality to our customers. listen to what would make our customers feel, satisfied and happy. make our customers remember us.

The last Friday of November is Thanksgiving Day International. Royal Décor sees this day as a day of particular importance to our partners, supporters, and consumers to whom we show our sincere appreciation and gratitude through various activities.

Royal Décor is still undergoing the development process and constantly pursues progress. It has established a comprehensive training system, induction training, day-to-day jobs, skills training, management training, promotion, and strives to effectively hone staff potential. They strive to carry this out so that the professional skills of the staff are truly enhanced. This is expected to result in the increased overall quality of staff through learning, and innovation. This culture of learning is instilled among the Royal&nbsp.Décor staff.&nbsp.