Routines and Capabilities of Warner Brothers Entertainment

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The finances that contribute to Warner Brothers are based on selling the entertainment products that are a part of the corporation. Each time that the movie, on-demand video, TV program or other entertainment is bought or used, the corporation receives a portion of the profit as a license owner of the entertainment. This is followed by financing that is provided with several of the products that display the corporate identity such as t-shirts, hats and other small products. For Warner brothers to establish a strong component to finances, is also the need for other parts of the organization to work effectively in establishing the reputation of the products offered by the corporation (Warner Brothers, 2010).There are several resources that Warner Brothers uses specifically to ensure the financial success of the corporation. The first is the human resources which make up the organizational structure of the company. The structure includes a chief executive officer, a board of seven operating officers and divisional executives. The officers are designated to make decisions about the corporation and provide insight into the direction that the company should move in. The divisional executives are responsible for the establishment and continuous production of different forms of entertainment, all of which are able to provide different insight in the direction of the company. Underneath this are managers and producers who are responsible for specific projects and which are set into studios that are used to produce specific forms of entertainment. The divisions include international cinema, DC entertainment, consumer products, pictures group, television group, animation, home entertainment and home video (Warner Brothers, 2010).The human resources are further defined by the type of entertainment which is hired into the company.