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Republican Presidential Primary Ad s Republican Presidential Primary Ad From the Republican Presidential PrimaryAD, there are various metaphors employed in order for the message intended to be clearly communicated. The ad is for Rick Santorum, who was a Republican Presidential candidate, and his rival was Mitt Romney. The ad portrays Mitt Romney as a mudslinger who is gun-toting. The metaphor of portraying Mitt Romney as a mudslinger emphasizes his character as an individual involving himself in politics of name spoiling. Additionally, the look-alike of Romney in the ad is wearing a white dress shirt that is pitch-perfect along with a tie. Despite his appearance as neat, he is viewed with a paint-ball-gun that aims Santorum cutout cardboards struggling to ensure they are filled with mud. Here the metaphor portrays irony since a well-groomed individual like the look-alike of Romney is not expected to be involved in activities of mudslinging. spoiling a competitors name in order to be viewed as the appropriate contester. Hence, Romney is portrayed as an insincere candidate out to spoil other individual’s names.Additionally, there is an on-screen visual that claims the advisor to Romney admitted that Obamacare’s blue print was Romneycare. Romney and Santorum are all republican while the Obamacare was from the Democratic Presidential election. Here the metaphor is employed to stress the point that since Romneycare is similar to Obamacare, the voters for the republican should not adapt it and altogether not trust Romney as he can be capable of betraying them as he does not have the interests of the republicans at heart.Finally, there is another onscreen ad that informs that Rom could cost him votes. This is complimented by the illustration of the gun-toting Romney look-alike mudslinger ending up slinging mud on him. Hence, it depicts that the voters might end up turning against Romney.References