Romantic Relationships Among Undergraduate Students

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I have already zeroed in on some classes and even approached some of the class teachers to seek their consent and blessings for the research work. In fact, some of the teachers were kind enough to suggest ways and means improvise in the matter. As of now, I am in the process of finalising the questionnaire and as soon as I get a go-ahead on the topic and the proposal gets approval, I am ready to distribute the questionnaire to about 100 students and collect their opinion.Applied Child Psychology is an interesting subject because it not only helps us in understanding and analysing the human behaviour with the help of established theories, but it also helps us in adopting innovative approaches in deciphering the behaviour of the young generation. Today’s generation takes pride in the fact that IT is helping it in a big way in almost all parts of their life. Therefore, somehow this generation doesn’t have to go through the hard work and toil that its predecessors experienced. But the IT age has its own set of issues, which leaves a distinct mark on interpersonal communication and normal human relations. Therefore, the youth often find themselves at crossroads. While on the one hand, the youth try pursuing career objectives in these competitive times, on the other hand, the attachment with fellow students also appears quite natural amongst them.The industrialisation has been a big impact on the way human relations take shape. Chisholm Hurrelmann (1995) find out that the youth in the age group of late teens and twenties feel a greater impact of industrialisation in their lives. It is during this period that the young people obtain their qualifications and training which form the very basis of their income and career progression for the rest of their life. The mutual attachments and romantic relationships in these years, lead to peculiar internal conflicts amongst the youth, which in turn leads to a senseof insecurity.