Romantic art movement and Science

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During this movement, reactions leveled against the philosophy of enlightenment increased. This philosophy established its grounds on coherent thinking, pragmatic evidence, and science in general. Romantics revolutionized the ideas of science by admitting that reason and rational thinking was not enough to establish certain ideologies about life and its great mysteries . Some of these mysteries, however, were uncovered through means of intuition, creative thinking supplemented by imagination, as well as emotion. Nature was applied in a wide sense to uncover mysteries of the mind, spiritual learning, and other self-discoveries. It was during this time that the renowned famous poet Samuel Taylor quoted, Just like a shark, I shall attack Chemistry. The scientific discoveries that were made during this era inspired more artistic works from various great artists. The Romantics based their life on the freedom of expression, spirituality, and to some extent deep feelings . These three virtues may have arguably acted as a barricade to the negative effects of industrialization that were dehumanizing. The Romantic Art Movement exalted the potentials and values of the human race. Various artists incorporated the features of this era into their work. Most of the great artist did not regard rationalism to characterize this particular age. They also rejected rules that were based on the neoclassical school of thought. Some of the artists including the baroque artists visualized their artworks to inspiring emotional responses.