Roles of the Nurse Leader

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Answer: No: 2 A nurse leader injects the sense of responsibility in the minds of other nurses. She also makes them aware of the roles and responsibilities of a nurse as a healthcare provider. A nurse leader performs her job related activities with full commitment and dedication. A nurse leader gives priority to her responsibilities over her personal matters. A nurse leader provides proper treatment to the patients based on her job related experiences and knowledge. They may be responsible for overseeing a ward, scheduling, supervision, employee reviews and other business aspects of the medical field (Ellis-Christensen, n.d.). Moreover, a nurse leader is a self-driven person who not only performs her professional activities up to the level of perfection but also mobilizes and motivates young nurses to be committed with their job responsibilities. Answer: No: 3 In maintaining continuous competency within the nursing profession, a nurse leader works with full commitment towards the goals. If a nurse leader shows some kind of negligence towards the job responsibilities, it affects the whole career of that nurse. Therefore, it is very important for a nurse leader to show dedication and commitment towards her job in order to achieve excellence and experience. It is the role of a nurse leader to motivate other nurses to carry out their job responsibilities with complete faith and devotion because nursing profession is a social service related to health, which can not bear any kind of negligence towards any of the responsibilities. Answer: No: 4 A nurse leader’s leadership role within the nursing profession is multidimensional. A nurse leader protects the rights of other members related to the profession and injects a sense of self-respect in the members. A nurse leader guides other nurses towards the path of ethics and principles. A nurse leader never lets other members feel down due to any problem related to the profession, rather mobilizes all members to raise their voice against the policies, which affect their rights. Answer: No: 5 A nurse leader plays a considerable role as a professional role model for young nurses. Punctuality, good manners, and job commitment are some of the factors, which make a nurse a real role model for the young nurses. If a nurse leader does not come to the hospital on time or if she communicates rudely with patients and other nurses, she cannot become a good role model for other nurses because of the bad image, which she reflects to the young nurses. Therefore, it is extremely important for a nurse leader to have good manners in order to become a professional role model. Answer: No: 6 I will make every effort to become a professional role model for other nurses. I will promote and support nursing as one of the best professions of the world. As a professional nurse, I will give priority to my job responsibilities over my personal matters. I will not show any kind of negligence towards my job responsibilities and will show complete commitment and dedication towards my profession. Moreover, I will try to exhibit a dynamic personality in order to become a perfect role model for my subordinates. Part: 2 Answer: No: 1 A nurse leader plays the role of a researcher by identifying various researchable issues and taking steps to resolve those issues. A nurse leader takes part in different scientific investigations. A nurse leader is always aware of all research issues and plays a