Role of Marketing Manager

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The foreign market chosen for this research paper is Southeast Asian market comprising of Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines.
Form utility: Form utility refers to the product or service offered to customers by a company. The marketing team carries out a widespread research about customer needs to develop a pattern for a product or service in order to derive form utility. The product development team then develops a product or service that provides customers with important business benefits like improved productivity, lower costs, competitive advantage and easier installation and meets the needs of the customers (Armstrong &amp. Kotler 2014). The marketing team creates form utility by converting customer needs into product or services that carry value. In this paper, the product offered to the customers is dishwasher by the company. After conducting extensive research, the product development team developed two types of dishwasher based on application, one directed for residential use and the other one directed for the food services industry sector. The residential dishwasher created utility in the form of time management, better cleaning, and saving energy and water. The industry dishwashers created utility in the form of increase in productivity, lower manual labour costs, competitive advantage, better cleaning and lesser amount energy and water consumption.
Possession utility: The utility of possession offers the customers ownership of the product or service which allows them to obtain benefits in their own business or in daily usage. If the customers are able to increase productivity of their own product after using the product or service offered to them by the company, then the possession has given them a strong benefit and possession utility is maximised (Armstrong &amp. Kotler 2014). The dishwasher creates possession utility both in the residential