Role of Information Technology in Current Business Environment

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Furthermore, the information technologies include a wide range of communication media as well as devices that further help an organization to link information system and people through voice mail, e-mail, the internet and video conferencing phones among others. It is in this context that the combined form of information system and information technologies is widely being termed as Information Technology (IT) (Legrisa amp. et. al., 2003). The IT department develops and maintains an organization’s information system. It is in this context that the structure of the IT functions or the departments generally varies from one organization to another. A typical IT function structure with an organisation comprises of various attributes including application development, system support and security, user support, database administration, network administration, web support and quality assurance (Legrisa amp. et. al., 2003). The IT department in an organisation tends to involve an application development group which comprises of systems analysts and programmers who are responsible for conducting information system designing along with its development and implementation functions. It is worth mentioning that in the current business scenario, the role of user involvement is perceived to be crucially important in almost every stage of IT functions. The application development cluster is liable for performing leadership functions and providing overall guidance to the IT user. The application development system is primarily developed by teams composed of users, managers and other IT staffs. Contextually, one of the popular models for information system development is often related to project-oriented teams that use Rapid Application Development (RAD), together with IT professionals ensuring overall synchronization, guidance and technical support.