Role of Human Resource Planning

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The first and key principle of human resource planning is to look for the right individuals with the necessary skills, competence and experience to fill the right positions and at a cost that the organization can afford. Human resource planning, in organizations, aids in acquiring the right personnel to perform duties in the organization matched to the organizational. needs, this is an extremely vital division of Human resource management. It is the role of human resource planning to forecast future labor demands and schedule activities for the acquiring, training and deployment or discarding labor in the organization (Chris, 2009 p56).Human resource means there is a part of the organization whose only concern is about all activities related to the employees of the organization. The related activities incorporate the taking on, hiring of new employees, the orientation and education of the present employees, retaining and employee welfare. Human resource planning s more than human resourcing, the people employed into the organization are from different backgrounds and will work for different departments in the organization. Feelings, thoughts and needs, are the basic requirements of any person. this is such that the term human resource planning refers to an approach where all the needs of both employees and organization are taken into account. Different individuals have different needs and aspirations human resource planning aims at realizing the needs and aspirations of all employees in the organization. This is done in order to retain and attract many more employees that are valuable (Chris, 2009 p68).The business world is constantly changing as evident over the last several decades, the world that was known twenty years ago is gone. Technological changes experienced every day can cause the disappearance of established products. The life cycle of some products