Role Identification

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Ethics Role Identification Research assistant plays an essential role within the operations of any organization. A person should have good teamwork skills and along with that he should be aware of the handling and management of an organization if he/she wants to get an admission in college and pursue the career of a research assistant. Also, a degree in sciences such as social, marketing or political is required in college for someone to become a research assistant. The general experience required for a research assistant is of 1-4 years. A research assistant is a person tied up with the industry to conduct all the research operations. It’s the duty of research assistant to contribute his/her help to the professionals to obtain maximum knowledge, organize, collect, compile and analyze data. They coordinate the trials and also make sure that all the procedures are followed properly. Research assistant also serves as coordinators, researchers, investigators, administrators, consultants or educators. It is also the reasonability of a research assistant to maintain discipline in following the rules and regulations in the industry and to maintain the safety and confidentiality in relation to the information. In a nutshell, we can say that the research assistant should be someone able enough to know how to improve the designs of new experiments. he should be able to keep all the records accurately and safely and present them when necessary. Also, supervision of the undergoing experiments and keeping the technicians busy with their work is the most important task required of him (Education Portal, n.d.)ReferencesEducation Portal (n.d.). Certified Research Assistant Job Duties and Salary Info. Retrieved from