Roar by Katy Perry

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The music video Roar by Katy Perry dawns on the woman at that point that his boyfriend is somehow selfish and only cares much about himself. However, a tiger soon mauls him as they wander about the jungle, leaving the woman alone. The initial parts of the storyline depict a confused woman left alone to face all the horrors of the jungle. The directors employ visuals to take the audience through the stages of struggles for survival up to a point where the woman realizes the power within her to be the master of the jungle. As such, one can conduct a visual analysis of the music video using a thesis statement that human beings are the masters of their environments as long as they are ready to overcome their challenges. A visual analysis of the music video confirms this assertion as shall be indicated below.To begin with, a visual analysis of the music video reveals a lot about the woman and her interaction with the jungle. The directors used color, shape, and line to bring out her turmoil. As one may see (Roar 00:00:55), a visual analysis of the music video depicts the woman as scared, confused and as in torment. The form and shape of her face reveal a reaction to something scary. She is either screaming or completely disoriented about something. Use shape and form also reveals that spiders are attacking her. This gives her creeps and sends cold chills up her spine. One may also observe that the use of color and background light have also been employed to bring out the situation in this context as Patterson (48) observes in visual analysis.