Risks Associated with the Internet as Part of a Business Solution

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On the other hand, with frequently growing dependence on the Internet, this technology turns out to be the central infrastructure for the majority of necessary business tasks, as a result making them more susceptible to considerable Internet disturbances. Without a doubt, a variety of security threats and risks exist in all areas of the Internet, and the business processes that make use of the Internet. In this scenario, some of the probable risks and security challenges can comprise disruptions caused by coding error, malicious code, natural disasters that have significant impacts on fundamental Internet routers and hubs, and security attacks and threats posed by terrorists or other attackers. In case of ING business, their important accounting data would be transmitted through the Internet which can be hacked by a hacker and misused later on (Business RoundTable, 2007. Cisco, 2013).The World Economic Forum has estimated that in the coming few years, there would be a 10% to 20% probability of an interruption of the serious information infrastructure that is one of the probably risks it researched. In addition, the global economic cost that the World Economic Forum has estimated goes beyond $250 billion, which is surely one of the biggest cost assessments of the risks examined. On the other hand, these financial flow impacts of an Internet problem or threat can cause a wide variety of challenges and problems for the business organizations. In this scenario, some of the problems can include lower incomes, decrease in efficiency, stock market crashes, reduced spending, a decline in consumer self-confidence and a possible liquidity disaster (Business RoundTable, 2007. Cisco, 2013).Without a doubt, the business of ING Group heavily relies on the information technology and IT is being used in every region of ING Group.