Risk management and insurance / discussion questions / 200~300 for each question / need within 10 hours

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1. Imagine that you have been married for three years and that you and your marital partner have just given birth to twin babies – a girl and a boy. Several months later, an insurance salesperson comes knocking on your front door on a Saturday afternoon. You welcome her into your homeand she explains that she has stopped by to explain to you the benefits of purchasing whole life insurance policies for both children. In doing so she cites the painful realities of dealing with a premature death in the family, further pointing out that families living “pay check-to-paycheck”often face great difficultyin covering funeral costs.Explain how receptive or non-receptive you would be to the salesperson’s “sales pitch” and why, given the circumstances involved.Classmate’s answer:I will be utterly non-receptive to the salesman’s sales pitch.Whole life insurance policies are meant for the purpose of premature death of a family member who is having some liabilities to deal with. The life insurance ensures that these liabilities are discharged appropriately by lump sum amount received by the insurance policy and does not burden any other family member after the insurer’s death. As the twin babies have no liabilities and are completely dependent on their parents, whole life insurance does not make sense here.2. Given your choice,explain whether you would be better off investing in a fixed annuity policy or a variable annuitypolicy and explain the reasons why.PrinciplesofRiskManagementandInsurance14thEditionGeorgeE.Rejda.pdfPosted: 8 hours agoDue: 13/04/2020Budget: $15Tags: insuranceurgent Answers 0Bids 78Young NyanyaRewrick PatandAleena SheikhEARNESTWRITERBethuel Besthassan0906WIZARD_KIMProfRubbsabdul_rehman_quality work for allRosie SeptemberPROF. ANNProf.StewartTopanswersPaula Hogjuliusmu33Quickly answer Bridget YoungAmerican Tutorwizard kimCatherine OwensEmily MichaelProf.MacQueenDexterMastersRELIABLE PAPERSPROF_TOMMYsmart-tutorRESPECT WRITERProf. Massarrauniversity workBrainy BrianJessica LuisChrisProfSOPHIE BLAKEperfectoTutorJoeKimElprofessoriEva Greenwork solutionsBrooklyn Milan brilliant answersCasey CeliakatetutorJenny BoomNursing_MissDrNicNgaoAsad Ullahkim woodsSaburBimhmd.fDr. ElahiUltimate GEEKsarapaul2013prof avrilDr Candice_2547Agher EditorProf AllanTiny ChrisTutor Cyrus KenMichelle OwensSaad Fahimphyllis youngbennetsandovaUNDISPUTED GEEKAbdullah AnwarCotton CandyA-Grade WriterHomework ProJen Tech1Dr WillymartinsPROFJUMAAAansRohanMiss Lily J.suniyaziaCourseCrackerElaine CarterAvryle Katherinesir juliusOther questions 10Assignment: Letter ReportAccounting cash flow projectArchitecturemathhistory final paper BiologyAssignmentBUS 520: Assignment 1: Emotional Intelligence and Effective LeadershipACCOUNTING HOMEWORK AssignmentNot ratedRisk management and insurance / answer questions in a word document / need it within 24 hoursChapter 14 : Application Questions 1, 2, 3 and 4 on page 305 Although both immediate and variable annuities can provide lifetime income to annuitants, they differ …13/04/202015businessfinance