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The people sitting on a cart in the picture are physically sound. This also indicates soundness in wealth. There is a difference between the people sitting on cart putting their pressure on a small child who is not physically sound. This indicates a difference in strength between the two. Normally, labor is weak as compared to the rich. Poor people work hard while rich people sit in air-conditioned offices performing executive tasks and ordering others. While, the poor people work day and night in mines, factories, etc and in difficult surviving conditions to earn bread. This leaves bad results on their body. Poor ones cannot really afford to live better lives and proper medication. Poverty pushes them more into health problems and diseases. Healthy food and drinks are far from poor people as they eat anything with which they can survive. Health shows soundness. In this painting, a couple sitting on cart looks financially sound. It seems they have been enjoying healthy food and drinks and can afford whatever they like. On the other hand, the poor child seems physically weak and depressed. He seems to be hardly striving to stand as he is physically weak but carrying a burden of two fat people.
Facial Expression: Facial expressions can easily be noticed in the painting. Couple sitting on a cart looks happy and enjoying their lives. They are living lavish lives and can afford all luxuries of lives. They can pay well to remain happy and to acquire all happiness. Their smiles show wealth. It seems they do not regret anything. They look happy. On the other hand, a child carrying their weight seems to be in deep pain and problem. His face illustrates pain, hardships, and difficulties. It seems the poor kid has not been enjoying his life at all. He looks fed up and in pain. It looks. he laughed a long time back. He looks suffering a lot of problems and obstacles in his life.