Richard Wright The Man who was almost a man

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Dave works a while, then his enthusiasm gets the best of him and he takes out his gun ready to shoot it for the first time ever. He pulls the gun out and fires it, boom! The guns vigorous vibration was so intense to Dave it overcomes he hand with a piercing pain, and he found himself knocked down to his knees. When he finally caught up he realized that he shot the mule. He tried everything he could but the mule eventually died. Later on in the field everyone surrounded the mule trying to figure out how she died. Dave made up a lie, but it wasn’t a believable one, so his dad threatened him and he finally told the truth. In just a few moments Dave’s disposition changed rapidly from anticipation, to happy, to scared and finally to sad. In Mr. Joe’s store Dave’s mood was nothing out of the ordinary as he tells Joe he didn’t want to buy anything he just wanted to see his Sears Roebuck catalog and take it home. When Joe agreed that he would let him take the catalog home he was somewhat surprised. Joe asked him what was he looking for, Dave replied shyly, saying that he wanted to buy a gun. Joe replied saying that he had a gun that he would sell him, his eyes lit up, especially since he said he would only have to pay two dollars. His excitement quickly became skeptic, asking "Will it shoot." Joe was almost insulted, replying "Sure it’ll shoot". Dave told him that he would make a decision and come back tomorrow with a reply. So he tucked the catalog under his arm and headed home to his house. At the house were he just couldn’t wait to take a glimpse of his newly acquired catalog to look at the guns the catalog had in it. He was so filled with anticipation that he didn’t even notice that his mother had sat a plate of food next to him, fully expecting him to eat. When he finally found the guns in the book he enthusiastically said "Yeah, here they is!’ His excitement quickly turn into an embarrassing moment, he quickly put the book on his knees and started eating his food. He and his father began talking. he patiently waited until his father was gone because he knew his father would say no if he asked for a gun. He knew that Mr. Hawkins paid his mother the money that he worked for every day out in the field, so he figured he would at least be able to get two dollars out of a whole summer of work. He tried to assemble the courage to ask his mom for two dollars to buy a gun. He finally did, although still nervous, he asked his mom very tensely, you could tell because his voice grew husky and faint. Dave is a very persuasive young character. One of his methods of persuasion is persistence. Near the beginning of the story when he wants to borrow Mr. Joe’s catalogue, he tells him that is wants to buy something. When Mr. Joe asks, you planning on buying something, Dave contends that his mother is letting him have his own money now. Through this example, Dave shows that he is aware that Mr. Joe will give him the catalogue if he believes that he is going to purchase an item. Here, Dave uses his knowledge of Mr. Joe’s preferences in order to obtain the catalogue. Furthermore, Dave also shows this persuasiveness with his mother. At only seventeen, he is able to convince her to let him purchase a gun.&nbsp.