Richard Ramirez The Night Stalker

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The following case analysis is a move towards such an end.Richard Ramirez made it to the headline when he spread terror in the communities of Los Angeles in 1985. In just one year, the notorious serial killer had committed fourteen murders and thirty-one other felonies related to murder, rape, and robbery aside from the other rape-murder case he carried out in San Francisco. The gruesome acts involved bloody carnage of his victims. mutilating their bodies, and spreading their blood at the scene of the crime. And as though such markings were not horrible enough, he sketched pentagrams on the bodies of his victims to signify his preoccupation with Satanism.Ramirez’ modus operandi was to shoot the man first (usually a husband, or a boyfriend) who he considered an obstacle to his intentions, rape the woman, and ransack the house of valuables. His victims included people between sixty to eighty years old and very young children. Ricardo Leyva, a.k.Richard Ramirez was born in El Paso, Texas in 1960, the youngest of five children. According to his father, Richard was a good boy and was observed by neighbors to be a softspoken lonely child. Later probe revealed that he was afraid of his father who had a bad temper and who sometimes beat his kids. This fear of his father would force him to leave home and to hang out in a nearby cemetery, sometimes even spending the night there. Richard was also reported to have suffered from epilepsy.As a student, Richard did not do so well. His interest in football was doused by his frequent episodes of epileptic seizures and because of his famish look, had become an object of ridicule among his schoolmates. As a way to get over his frustrations, Richard had learned to isolate himself from the rest of the students.