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Research: Essay on Corporal Punishment 525-750 words”Parenting: Is corporal punishment an appropriate discipline for children? What are three reasons why that you disagree with corporal punishment?I have 4 sources already picked out and the thesis written. Complete the 5 paragraph essay using APA template I will provide.Thesis statement:‘Talk is cheap’, a phrase which majority is familiarized as action is louder than words, but is this the case when it comes to parenting, especially corporal punishment (the act of punishing an individual through physical pain?) Corporal punishment doesn’t have a standard which controls the severity or duration of punishment. While corporal punishment may seem like it works, there are long-term side effects we should consider beforehand. With childhood experience in corporal punishment, it can develop an acceptance to pursue this parenting strategy as acceptable disciplinary action on their offspring, which the long-term effects can cause depressive symptoms to develop in young adults and a behavior problems in early childhood16/04/202010english