Review on American Idividualism by herbert hoover

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Back in his country, America, Hoover put down on paper economic, political, and spiritual features which assisted Americans to generate the materials required to bring peace to the globe and at the same time offer spiritual and social commitment to provide economic help to the people wrecked by war. Hoover was significant to the American people in that his philosophies were greatly influenced by the America’s founding fathers. For instance, Hoover’s ideas were shaped by the civic religion and American exceptionalism, which was characterized by the codes of the constitution and declaration of independence. In addition, he believed that the Uniqueness of the U.S was shaped by its economic system and strong religious heritage, which promoted equal opportunity to everybody. In his work American individualism, Hoover argues that the world witnessed the spread of revolution because of the failures of the governments in war. These wars, Hoover asserts was conflicts or disagreements of social philosophies, which were caused by great inequalities, and injustices of centuries. However, as the people try to fight these injustices and inequalities with the hopes that misery and suffering would be replaced by happiness and equality, there is still much left of the U.S, which has to be tackled, by reason and intelligence in order to shape the future of the U.S. Hoover states that even those people who were less affected by the war have been infected by these ideologies. Beyond this, many people have hopes of civilization ennobled and cleaned or purified by the services and sacrifices of the war. they had thought and imagined the unity of reason achieved in war would be transferred in broad unity of action in feedback of the responsibility of civilization in peace. Unfortunately, the purpose of revolution, which was to attain peace and prosperity, has not been attained. Hoover argues that among the six great social ideas or philosophies are at struggle or fight in the universe for ascendency. This is what he called American individualism. In Europe, individualism is manifested via reservations of classes and castes. Hoover asserts that American individualism was evident in the manner in which the American people developed creed and decided to live with it. He says that more than five years of contending with economic and social disintegration, with primary motivation of social forces, continued political dislocation and the significance of wider thought upon their broad issues to humanity has been the spirit of America. Unfortunately, from this struggle, emerges an unashamed individualist known as American individualist. For a long time, America has been slowly nurturing and developing the principles that make up progressive individualism. Hoover argued that individualism is not good in the sense that it would offer a long group of inequalities, of dominations, injustices and of tyrannies. However, America has tempered the entire conception or idea of individualism by the injection and introduction of a definite principle and from this code. it follows that effort of domination, either in the government of in the course of commerce and industry or not. If America would possess the values and principles of individualism, their stimulation to the intellect, initiative, and development, to increased development of spirituality and thought, they must be tampered with that fixed and firm principle of equality of opportunity and