Revealing Of The Personality Characteristics Of An Individual

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Psychometrics is part of our coursework and personality, and aptitude tests are part of psychometrics. Psychometrics is helpful in people management and understanding ourselves which is also part of what we learn. Even though there is no uniformity in personality categorization and types of questions, a provision for an insight into the human psyche. Personality tests help in assessing what is right in regard to a particular scope. They are also crucial when making career decisions and family decisions that are jumbled up.Personality tests are not credible. Most people are not sincere while giving their responses. We do respond to what we want to be and not what we are. Respondents lie intentionally to fit their answers on what suits them or their psychologists. Most people respond to what they wish to be true and not what is true.Some of the questions in the personality test are very transparent. I can easily figure out what the psychologists want to measure in me. I can, therefore, intentionally lie and give fake personality traits that I do not really have.There is also the problem as well as a setback of social desirability bias. Since the personality test is based on self-report inventories, my responses can easily be affected. While filling out an inventory, I might easily state what I would wish to be true rather than what is true.Some questions on the personality test are beyond my understanding. Since the test requires that I answer all the questions, I can easily give false answers so long as I finish the test that reduces its credibility.With the requirements of fishing the whole test, I at times don’t remember all the aspects of the experiences asked in the test. It makes the test have answers that are not correct and thus not giving the true value of the expectations.