Retail Management in Business Expansion

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An Umbrella strategy has a number of feasible steps, specific goals, assignments and sources that are integrated to form the strategy. Business decisions can then be taken in the logical framework that is created by the Umbrella strategy. The strategy helps the firm to reach the set short and long term goals and it helps to bring the business vision of the company closer to realization. The strategy is typically executed in different phases that run sequentially, one after another. There are also different analytical levels that form a matrix with the phases. The analytical levels are more important as they give teeth to the strategy while the phases give the overall framework and steps for the strategy. The analytical levels are the formation of the company, business units and departments, and the tactical and operational aspects. The following figure illustrates the different phases of the strategy (Littler, 2008).Migros – Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund is the largest retailer in Switzerland. It operates through 12 cooperative groups and its business comprises about 580 stores including supermarkets, convenience, and department stores. The company also operates banking and insurance business, a printing and publishing concern, restaurants, music, and computer software retailing, furniture business, holiday and travel arrangements, hotel business, and gasoline tank stations. In addition, it operates other businesses across Europe. Migros operates supermarkets in France and Germany and exports products to Austria, the UK, and the US. Retailing is the company’s core activity, which is supplemented by various related and unrelated businesses. In Switzerland, the company operates across various geographical markets.