Response to the movie Trading Places

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Response to the movie Trading Places A very strong message in the movie Trading Places is that money lends an individual all the power in this world.As the brothers Randolph Duke and Mortimer happen to be two callous millionaires, they are shown to play with people’s lives and fates. They use their money to put Valentine in Winthrope’s position and vice versa and are able to achieve the intended results successfully. In this way, the movie generates the message that one who has money can do anything he want, though it does take brains to make such malicious plans and implement them. Another message that I get from the movie is that one should never be overcome with pride in life because anything can happen anytime. Winthrope never knew that the person he was getting arrested because of the suspicion of robbery would soon take over his beloved job. On the other hand, I also get the message that one should never lose hope in life as one never knows what is coming next. When Valentine was arrested, little did he know that he would soon get Winthrope’s job and Winthrope would be arrested in his place. This movie emphasizes upon the uncertainty of life, but while doing so, does generate some very important messages about the power of money, pride, and hope. I learn a lot from the movie. Although I do believe that with money, many things can be done yet I believe that God is watching everything, so man should make only right use of money.