Response to students’ posting on Market Share

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Market Share for Medical Facilities Response to LaDeema Gallagher Yes, it is absolutely right. Hospitals usually lack any permanent mean of income and they operate on the funds provided by insurance companies and government agencies, against the services and treatments, which these facilities provide to the patients. However it is painful to point out that only the people with a lot of money get the best treatment while others suffer through illness (Frank &amp. Salkever).
Response to Greg Bertke
This student points out, toward the importance of market coverage with reference to the price advantage. This conclusion is ingenious indeed, because the large scale operations also assist the medical facility to achieve economies of scale, because the same number employees could be exerted to attend to increasing number of patients. Therefore the fixed cost of the facility remains the same, while it revenue moves upwards (Frank &amp. Salkever).
Response to Rendia Crews
The most basic purpose of any organization is to survive as mentioned by Rendia Crews. The hospitals cannot do so, if they do not increase their market existence, because, medical field is one of the fastest in terms technological change, if any facility does not keep up with this change. It will become obsolete almost immediately. Thus it very important for medical facilities to invest in latest technology and knowledge to serve the patients better. Without this they cannot survive (Frank &amp. Salkever).
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