Response Paper to Miner Reading

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Body Ritual among the Nacirema of the of the Body Ritual among the Nacirema The article that I have used for writingabout is entitled as “Body Ritual among the Nacirema” written by Horace Miner. I found this article in Appendix A of the text book.
Miner informs about Nacirema’s culture, values and belief set as per his information. Miner informs that the system adopted by Nacirema depends upon their fundamental belief that human body is naturally prone to get diseased and gain weakness. People consider the usage of rituals and ceremonies as powerful tools to prevent from the flawed bodily characteristics. People built shrines in the lieu of rituals and ceremonies. In my opinion, the consideration of Nacirema is quite approved as many cultures and religions around the world seek refuge from all ills under their rituals and ceremonies. Every culture has its own values and beliefs and people following that culture keep faith in the values and beliefs. Building of shrines is regarded ritualistic in Nacirema culture and people have faith in them. The shrines contain a box or chest that contains magical materials. These magical materials are medicines given for different ills and only medicine men know about the linkage between illness and magical material. I feel that the box or chest contains medicinal data about various diseases found in the people of the land. However, the way of acceptance and indicating knowledge about the medicine is different and suits the people who believe in charm or magic. So, I agree with the author’s point.
I agree to the author’s mentioned information about Nacirema. The people following the culture have their own beliefs and values, which can be seen with different words in other religions and cultures. Overall, the article is quite informative and interesting.
Miner, H. (1956). Body Ritual among the Nacirema. American Anthropologist 58 (3): 503-507.