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Make a response to this post in you r own words no reference pls at least 150 words.Law enforcement agencies with “limited or specifically stated responsibilities” have specific police authority (Conser et al., 2013, p. 84). An example would be school truancy officers, traffic guards and highway patrol. Their responsibilities are small and limited to making sure students come to school, directing traffic during accidents and storms. General police authority investigates serious crimes and have “jurisdiction over offenses such as robbery, burglary and murder” (Conser et al., 2013, p. 84). Those with General police authority have to do a wide range of things such as look at video cameras, subpoena evidence, give out evictions, knock on people’s doors to get statements, collect and mark evidence death investigations and sometimes multiple death investigations at the same crime scene. Environmental Enforcement Units, Bureau of Liquor patrol, Fish and Wildlife have specific police authority such as giving out small and large tickets for trash, disobeying alcohol laws and catching fish that are off limits. County police, State police, Municipal police and most towns and villages have general police authority. Officers who deal in general police authority deal with “threats to human life or property” (Washington State Legislature). The type of authority I would like to be employed by is those with specific police authority. They do not have to do large tasks like the general police authority. I will not have to run behind anybody, worry about losing my life. I will already know mostly what to expect daily and have the same routine. When you are working for the general police authority of course you are going to get and be involved in a whole lot of unexpected different daily routines. More than likely I will be able to get off work on time and spend time with my family. Everyone knows that working for the general police authority requires a lot of attention and time away from their family. You are overloaded with work and sometimes there are not a lot of officers to cover dangerous locations which means someone who works in the general police authority is going to have to cover more than one location. When that happens, your life is at risk.Conser, J., Paynich, R., & Gingerich, T. (2013). Law Enforcement in the United States. (3rd edition). Jones and Barlett Learning. Burlington, MA.16/05/20206english